Automotive PhilosophyAutomotive PhilosophyEnter into the Zen garden of my opinions. Nothing here is rooted in numbers or common sentiment. The arguments made are supported by witchcraft, stereotypes, and sayings such as ‘that’s the way we’ve always done it’. My automotive mental illness might be contagious, you've been warned.

The rear is all the rage today. We have an obsession with rear mounted tires. Most 4wd builds will have a tire mounted on the arse - Lesser locations include in the bed, inside the cargo area, stock locations, but what about on the front? Or on the side? We’re better than this people. Bring me back to simpler times.

Look at it! There is some serious beauty in all the ugliness. Unfortunately it honestly looks like a tumor on the nose of a working man’s face. Tumors sure don’t look good, but haven’t people found beauty in more unusual places?


The front mount is the Steve Buscemi or Gary Busey of the automotive world. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it just happens that reality turned its back on one of these people. Hopefully my reality will let the front mount gain some traction in the automotive world again...

It sure looks like a face only a father could love, but does function always have to be fashionable? I also wonder how this will impact the radiator. I’d guess it wouldn’t be too bad at slow and idle speeds but at highway speeds...?!!!


Think of all the things you could SMASH into and not sustain much damage! Prius’eseseses, shopping carts, stop signs, trash cans, and door-to-door salesmen. All could fall victim to a front mounted tire carrier, with little to no impact on the vehicle cosmetics (joking of course). But having a front mount could actually save you on the trails - if you slide, or make a mistake into a tree, rock, other vehicle... it might hurt less.


I mean doesn’t this LOOK better than a rear mount? Very much a mad-max style that could catch on again! Naturally most of these examples are on trucks with campers mounted in the bed.

Where else you going to put the tire if you can’t put it on the back?



Now we’re talking! We could put them on the side, just like great-granddads truck. There is a plentiful amount of unused space on the side of any modern vehicle. For my 4Runner I could put one on each side, mounted close to the rear quarter glass. No one looks out of the rear quarter glass anyway, except the dog, and the dog can only see in grey scale.


Maybe you hate the idea of the rear side.. how about on the fender?! Of course with the rounded-ness of modern cars the tire might be mounted with a little camber. That could make the hood difficult to open.


See how good this could be? Even Jeep’s did it back in the day. I’ll take credit when the Jeep executives see this post and decide to mount the spares on the sides of the new Gladiator or Rubicon.

You’re welcome internet. I’ll be here forever.

Not nearly as useful being on the back. You use the back more than the front! Tail gate is used more than the hood!

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