This Automotive Habit Of MineMy favorite car is always my next car. What will today bring to my automotive habit? There could be financial ruin, excellent deals, skinned knuckles, and epic mechanical resurrections. We can't save them all, but the cars that land in our driveway deserve a good ol' college try.   

Details. These matter. They make or break a vehicle. I enjoy taking care of the details. I also hate details and when they’re difficult to fix, I throw wrenches. These are some of the details, both easy, and annoying that I have had to fix.

Oddly enough we wear the same thing washing our cars.

My 2006 Infiniti G35 6mt is not in the best condition. I mean, it was purchased cheap and required an engine to get it back on the road. Since then, I have had several services to bring it up to par. The largest since the engine was detailed in my last post with the flywheel, throw out bearing, and full brakes. The paint isn’t perfect, it has some dents, and the wheel’s require some attention as the paint is starting to come off.

Son-of-A-B. That’s where it was coming from!

Most annoyingly? An oil leak. This is the driver’s side cam sensor. It contains an O-ring. When the O-ring fails due to age, oil follows this path. It took some time to track this one down. I only found it when we had the transmission out to replace the flywheel. This oil leak produces a STRONG burning oil smell. It is just enough to force you to inspect it but it lingers just long enough to make it difficult to find. A fart in the wind for sure.


Note how flat the o-ring is on the sensor and how round the new one is...

Obviously being a V-6 DOHC engine there are two of these sensors. I wasn’t going to tempt fate and do just one! I did both. The grand total for this annoying detail? About $14 for two O-rings...


The procedure for replacing the O-rings? Ehh, maybe a 4 out of 10 (with ten being the bitch job of the century). It is just annoying and stupid of a problem enough to make you not want to do it. But I wanted that damn oil burning smell to go away... The worst part is by far, the two coolant hoses under the throttle body. Always. Always. Always remove the throttle body. You’ll thank me later. Especially if you have a plenum spacer.


What else has popped up? Among the oil smell there was a poor interior smell. And... Sweet. Baby. Jesus. This was disgusting. Who lets their car get this gross?! I actually caught this very early on in my ownership. If I hadn’t I’d probably have gonaherpasyphilis or the hantavirus or ebola by now.


The money shot.

I have a confession. I am an idiot. I did that. How? One instrument of destruction. Typically most people know it from its genus and species as the weedus-wackerus. Yeah. I did that. Surprisingly I HEARD it when it happened over the ol’ Husqvarna winding out near unknown red-line. I had my back to the car when it occurred at a distance of approximately 40 feet. HOW THE HELL?! It cost $250 for a new piece of glass with tint with installation. It wasn’t as expensive as I would have thought.


This also allows you to see better at night. Who would have thought?!

Lastly, this car has required a little detailing. I am by no means a professional or will ever entertain that I am one. Sometimes I get lucky. If you buy high quality tools and cleaners, I’ve found you typically get good results. The headlights were in dire need of some TLC. Now the right way to do this is to actually sand, and re-clear coat, but I’m lazy so I used a buffing wheel and some Plastx. So far so good. It will need some polish every couple of months as again, this isn’t a true fix.


Get out and drive.

This brings me up to current. Only thing left to do? A full review of why you need to consider an Infiniti G35 for your stable. I’ll be keeping mine until I can afford something much better. One day. I’ll dream until then...