The Most Stereotypical Car Guy Garage Of The Future

Automotive PhilosophyAutomotive PhilosophyEnter into the Zen garden of my opinions. Nothing here is rooted in numbers or common sentiment. The arguments made are supported by witchcraft, stereotypes, and sayings such as ‘that’s the way we’ve always done it’. My automotive mental illness might be contagious, you've been warned.

The most stereotypical car guy garage has for a long time been the 32' Ford, 57' Chevy Belair, and the 69' Camaro. What will the stereotypical garage be for the car guy in the future? I think I’ve figured it out.

Imagine a scene of old dudes with their late 90s Honda’s awash in neon doing the same thing...

Let’s fast forward about twenty years from now. Anything desirable that is currently for sale should be approaching classic car status. Those cars older than the 1980's I’ll omit as any of those are already (or never will be) classics. That leaves the decades of the 80s, 90s, 2000s, and newer.


Now from those decades I believe there are three stereotypical candidates we can find in the mix. Something to represent just about every decade and something not necessarily a current ‘collectors car’ but something that could be a serious contender in the future.

Stereotypical Car Guy Garage Future Contender #1:

I had one just like this... except mine was crusty, old, and falling apart.

The Nissan 240sx. I am willing to bet these will be the 32' Ford’s of the future. Think about it! All the good ones are pretty much gone. They’ve been well loved and abused. This was the chassis that kicked off drifting in the US on a grassroots level. Every true car guy has owned one of these. It has been hot rodded in the same spirit as our grandfather’s would have wanted (read: ubiquitous V8 swaps).

Stereotypical Car Guy Garage Future Contender #2:

This one was mine. This will be the stereotypical color too - WRB with gold wheels.

The Subaru WRX from 2002 to 2007. There was a time when every car guy wanted one. Their value has held high because of the desirability. If we’re honest, they haven’t held their value due to their reliability... The four door, AWD, turbocharged, rally fighter is an excellent car to drive. I’ve been lucky to have owned a 2003 and been able to spend a lot of time in a 2007 STi.

Stereotypical Car Guy Garage Future Contender #3:

Lastly, I couldn’t have things be all about Japan, even though our current generation of car guy is heavily weighted that direction - my opinion of course. We had to have something either American or European.


I almost picked the Fox body Mustang but I don’t believe it will age well compared to other cars. I picked the following car as it needed to be something worth a little bit of money now, but made in enough numbers not to warrant it being already unobtainium, and also well loved!

The BMW M3 E46. This is already an expensive car if lower miles, and with uncommon options - such as anything with Laguna Seca blue paint or competition package. They were made in a larger amount (~85,000) and even a base model is a future classic. The choice of a SMG or 6-speed, and paired with a high revving straight six cylinder in a balance chassis... What else do we need in this world?

Not sure this color will be desirable. It reminds me of the color of sick mucus.

Dare I say that this is the most pretty 3-series ever made? Sure the E30 is good looking but there is something about the E46. I think its the simplicity. It is a subtle car with a lot of performance. It was one of the best performance cars to come out of Europe - that is still obtainable and made in high enough numbers for the ‘every man’ to be acquainted with.


So there it is, the Nissan 240sx, Subaru Impreza WRX, and BMW M3. In another 20 years you’ll be seeing moderately wealthy car guys restoring, polishing, and taking their prized cars out for a cruise, and car show.


Anyone else think I’m on the right track?!!! Should I have picked something American for the line up?!

Honorable mentions to the Mustang fox body, Camaro 4th/5th gen, GTO, S4, BRZ/GT86, 300zx, Integra GSR, and Civic Si.

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