Automotive PhilosophyEnter into the Zen garden of my opinions. Nothing here is rooted in numbers or common sentiment. The arguments made are supported by witchcraft, stereotypes, and those topics that can be best described as ‘that’s the way we’ve always done it’, all topped off with a light demi-glace sauce of 'automotive-mental-illness'.  

This is the greatest idea for the new century. A solution to the polluted future and the quickly disappearing oil supply. Everyone just install a Hit and Miss Engine into your automobile! Think about it! Less is more!

Shear Genius!

A hit and miss engine has one cylinder. So it’s frugal. It would also be easy to maintain as the less cylinders the less to go wrong. I see you getting more sold on this...

Being that it hits and MISSES it would use far less fuel than any standard gas guzzling, polluting, always hitting engine. I’d recommend we all have a governor knob on the dash to set the engine speed. We could then get rid of the throttle pedal! Less parts again!

The most difficult part would be figuring out how to transfer power to the wheels reliably. I guess we could use a chain instead of a belt but that could be far harder to replace. I’d stick with a belt. Run a cement mixer off the back of the car while we’re at it. You could make some extra money while commuting to work! You’d just need time to stop by a local construction site on the way.


Forget the fact that every time you want to start it you’d have to hand crank it. We live in a society that is far too obese. The extra steps and hand cranking exercise could help solve this issue too. Forget your P90x, just go for a couple more scenic drives.


Seriously Though...

I’ve been cleaning out a family member’s shop and running into some rusty gold. One of these items was an old John Deere Hit and Miss Engine. It was in barn find condition but missing the inspection cover and magneto.


I thought for a moment... I should fix it up! But I soon realized I have few places to store it and what the hell do you do with one of these? I mean their intended purpose was to run pumps, cement mixers, hay bailers, etc.

I have no water pumps, mixers, or bailers... I’d just stand around and watch it run.


And so it was sold - For $300.

Now I just need to sell the 50's era Lincoln Arc Welder powered by a Continental F163, the 70's Wisconsin VE4D air cooled gas V4, the 50's era Johnson Sea Horse 10... oh and get rid of 15,000 lbs of scrap metal... FML