Ridiculous DieselsThe latest installment of the most RIDICULOUS diesel powered vehicles for sale online!  

I am always harping about Ridiculous Diesel prices. At the car show last week there was a seemingly ordinary truck buried among the classic steel. It was later moved outside the show and was for sale! But for how much?!

This was a 1983 Ford F250 4x4 that was grandpa-style minty fresh. A real gem among this body style for this generation of Ford Trucks. The for sale ad details all the new parts and unique options.

I personally love the front bumper with winch. It looks like a piece of fire department equipment. The newer trucks with bumpers like this just look goofy but this older truck pulls it off nicely.

With ‘very low’ 77,000 miles - $10,500

Still too rich for my blood. I am not a fan of the color... if it had been all black or one solid color... maybe... just maybe it would be a buy with some haggling...


Sorry I didn’t get more pictures... my bad.