Had A ‘Feckin’ Good Time In Portland, Oregon

Travel, Drive, Photograph, Write, and RepeatTravel, Drive, Photograph, Write, and RepeatThere are many, many places I want to go. I have been lucky to have checked off a few, but we still have a long way to go. I always enjoy reviewing a car on my travels. Typically these are rental cars, sometimes they're my own while road-tripping. The best trips are spontaneous, sometimes arduous journeys that we talk about for a lifetime.

I am a rural California native that has been visiting the Portland, Oregon area for many years. I love it! It is one of the few large cities I would move to right now. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve come to the point where I have two questions about the culture.

A ‘feckin Durango eh?! Best I could do... too much beer.

1. Is everyone purposely trying to be different?

2. Or does anyone give a fuck?

I do not believe in stereotypes being absolutely true but with any generalization there can be some truth. Some being the key!

Much cleaner, and friendlier than SF.

I mean, a lot of the residents appear to dress out of thrift stores or raid the bottom of their parents dressers for the oldest clothes. Is this on purpose, or is the attitude that no one cares how they look?

I’m not a vain person. I was however, taught to try to match, prevent wrinkles, and wear something consistent with the climate. This isn’t always the case in my limited observations of Portland.

I saw quite a few odd apparel choices - majestic dolphins in the twilight shirt, with high water khakis, and a sweat band WITH a man bun. Or the guy on a date wearing an old suit, with leather elbow pads, that was far too big for him. Like a little kid in his granddads suit. I’d see the same type of unusual clothing on the ladies, some not even combing their long hair.


Does everyone roll out of bed, find anything that will cover their body and leave their house?

Or are they spending a considerable amount of time to purposely look like you don’t care?


Although I didn’t take many pictures, this same question applies to their cars. Plenty of unusual choices. Old Saab 99, plenty of Subaru BRATs, graffiti mobiles of all makes, and lots of odd vans.

I saw plenty of high dollar stuff in the Pearl Distict - namely a Ferrari 458 & 612, Rolls Royce Phantom, some idiot in a R8 V10 (twice) that loved to redline in first at every stop... few and far between unfortunately. Mostly odd junk or newer CUVs. Of course I didn’t exactly seek out the car culture on this trip... no meet ups, events, or C&C.


Do they TRY to find unusual cars?

Or do they careless about what they drive?

Oregon City - Willamette Falls

Now I don’t have a problem with any of this. I just have questions based on some stereotypes I’ve heard and seen. I respect the culture. The unusual is entertaining. It also means no one is looking at me wearing basketball shorts, worn out t-shirt, and flip flops everywhere. I’m the most conservatively under dressed dude in the room.

Only difference is that nothing I’m wearing was worn by my parents or is over 10 years old. At one point, I actually walked into a bar (a nice one) with a flannel shirt with no sleeves, and a camo bucket hat. No one gave me a second look. I fit in perfect!


The dream of the 90s is still alive indeed?

I’m going to say:

70% trying to be different


I’d be in the latter group. More brain power to spend doing things I enjoy...

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