Cooling Issues Persist On My 12-Valve Cummins...

This Automotive Habit Of MineThis Automotive Habit Of MineMy favorite car is my next car. What will today bring to my automotive habit? There could be financial ruin, excellent deals, skinned knuckles, and epic mechanical resurrections. We can't save them all, but the cars that land in our driveway deserve a good ol' college try.

The one day my wife drives the old 12-valve, it decides to spring a leak. I can’t blame her. Or can I? Probably best not to... It isn’t a bad leak, but it will be an expensive one to fix, that is if I decide to UPGRADE!

The leak is coming from the radiator. Specifically, towards the engine, driver’s side tank, and half way down. Who knew that affixing a metal radiator to plastic end tanks would ever fail? Just kidding, this is terribly common. Unfortunately for me, this happened RIGHT AFTER I DID A COOLING SYSTEM SERVICE. Good grief. I had it torn down to the point where the radiator would have been an easy swap about 3 weeks ago. Now I’ve got to go backwards... two steps forward, one step back.


Now a replacement radiator can be had for around $120. That would be exactly the same as what I have now. Where is the fun in that?!


Ahem, yes, a solid decision, albeit an expensive one at $696. I can replace a lot of radiators before I recoup the cost to buy one Mishimoto. Granted, I don’t want to keep doing this, and if my plans go through, this twelve valve should be turning into a proper truck in the next couple years. Big plans for the low mile swamp monster!

The white whale. Seriously, find a better spec 6.0L other than a King Ranch. It has all the best stuff from the 03-07 generation.

My former, now parental owned 6.0L Ford has been nearly flawless for around the last year, except for a turbo replacement... seriously, nothing like feeling like you sold a lemon to a family member. Went and cleaned it up for the old man as he’s terrible about it. Turned out nice. I wish I hadn’t sold it, I could use it now... but my favorite car is always my next.

Because: ART

Here’s to hoping this thing doesn’t spring a leak, I need it to be nothing less than flawless.

Kubota... Never fail me.

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