Age Old Question: Lower Miles or Newer Year?

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I have been looking for a Toyota 4Runner. I had focused my search to the 4th generation (2003-2009) mainly due to the costs of anything newer, but recently I found a cheap 5th generation (2010+). This 5th generation is quite the opposite in stats than the 4th gen I was looking at...

2011 SR5 with high miles.

The 5th generation I found is a 2011 SR5 but it has 159,000 miles. The asking price? $15,500. That seems like a lot of money (it is) for a seven year old vehicle that has had the crap driven out of it. I mean how many people drive ~22,000 miles a year? I drive about 7,000 miles a year. But I know I’m the minority.

I do like the 5th generations interior more. It does have stupid cheap orange dash lights.

Now this is in stark contrast to the 2006 SR5 I was considering. It has 82,500 miles and is listed for the same amount of money, $15,500. Unfortunately, I don’t have pictures of the 2006 that I was looking at buying. The listing has been removed after I contacted the buyer. Apparently he listed it ‘too soon’ as there was a loan on the truck and he had to figure out how to get the title. Definitely putting the cart before the horse!

So then why don’t I have the above pictured 5th generation 4Runner in my driveway right now? Because of this cryptic non-sense...


I had planned out the day to go check out the 2011 but this text came in shortly before I was to leave.

>>> “OUR” WHAT?!

I’m beginning to get pretty frustrated in this process. Like most things I’d like to find something clean and not pay an arm and a leg for it.


I am starting to realize that the impending ‘correction’ is affecting everything from houses to cars.

I am just as fatigued as the rest of you when it comes to finding anything of any quality. Toyota has always been plagued with the ‘Toyota tax’ of being far more expensive due to the assumptions of vastly superior quality.


Regardless of my fatigue, I am at a cross roads:


I really just don’t know what to do... neither of these vehicles are now available. I’m about ready to throw in the towel and buy a new 4Runner...

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