Automotive PhilosophyEnter into the Zen garden of my opinions. Nothing here is rooted in numbers or common sentiment. The arguments made are supported by witchcraft, stereotypes, and sayings such as ‘that’s the way we’ve always done it’. My automotive mental illness might be contagious, you've been warned.  

Saying the Toyota Land Cruiser has competition is a tall statement. It is like saying coitus need worry about a new pencil sharpener, or that anyone living in a cave need worry about a sunburn. There just isn’t much of a chance.

Like this but less conceptual.
Image: Motor 1 (Motor 1)

The Toyota Land Cruiser has been the dominate luxury off-roader for an eternity. It is the go-to vehicle for anyone who wants travel the wild places and come home alive. It is built to a standard of quality to not strand you due to a mechanical failure until it is legally old enough to buy alcohol. It is the best that there is available (sorry Range Rover fans).


I threw up a bit looking at this tail.
Image: Motor 1 (Motor 1)

With that all in mind a new competitor is looking to dethrone the ‘Yota and it’s Hyundai?! Of all the companies that could do it, I wouldn’t have guessed a Korean company. But I guess that’s been the plan all along; to take the best of what the Americans and Japanese taught them, and beat them at their own game.

Maybe they’ll be able to do it... I am not convinced. Toyota is selling a mere ~1700 Land Cruisers a year. Regardless, I don’t think a Hyundai competitor will eat much into these meager sales. The people who buy Land Cruisers are a specific bunch that isn’t easily deterred.